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Blockbuster Media is a digital marketing powerhouse that produces qualified customers for a huge range of businesses.

Advertising and marketing are now Internet things. Local paper classifieds and banner ads once served a purpose but in 2023, the Internet is the prime source of news, entertainment and information about services or products for consumers.

Every day, billions of people search on millions of websites for unique relevant content about every known topic in our World. Few people pick up their local free paper or community newspaper when they need to know something.

"Blockbuster Media is in the business of syndicating ads and classifieds."

We place banner ads and sponsored posts for sure but our unique point of difference is that we syndicate classifieds to lots of websites.

During every hour of every day, people are browsing online and Blockbuster Media can get their attention.

Blockbuster Media creates ad campaigns that appear live on selected niche websites, ad channels such as Facebook, press releases, Instagram and Taboola. Our syndicated classified advertising model delivers new customer leads.

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